We’re giving you even more reasons to visit the Centre as FREE Wi-Fi is now available!

We’ve launched free Wi-Fi in the Centre to allow you to browse through social media, surf the web and even continue working with easy access to the internet as they enjoy some retail therapy.

Customers wishing to use the Wi-Fi can do so free of charge and it provides high speed internet access for all shoppers throughout the public areas of the Shopping Centre. Once registered, users can log on to the secure service via the login page on either; a phone, laptop, iPad or other wireless devices. Once connected to the network, the device will automatically connect next time shoppers visit the Centre.

By using Wi-Fi, the device will last 20% longer than it would when using 3G and it can also be used on devices that do not have a data plan.

The installation of the Wi-Fi is an exciting time for the shopping centre as it is recognising and responding to what shoppers want and allowing them to get online when shopping.